Handcrafted food

An Honest Overview

Honest provide an uncomplicated back-to-basics approach to catering management by delivering authentic, freshly prepared dishes for business & industry clients. Customer service is key at Honest. Our highly trained and focused team create inspirational, handcrafted and personalised menus that reflect your values, increasing footfall in your catering facility.

We are proud to partner with local, suppliers, farmers and growers selecting the finest ingredients for our recipes. You can be assured of the superior quality of our food.

Honest provide far more than an exceptional contract catering service. We create a bespoke, comprehensive, customer focused marketing plan using various media channels, seasonal promotions and generous loyalty cards to engage your customers and make your catering venue the destination of choice for your employees.

We have the expertise to transform your facility from a simple makeover to a full refurbishment.

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When it comes to fantastic food, we do not compromise.



We never lose sight of the fact that our people turn promises into reality.



We purchase locally and fairly to support your community values, selecting only the finest quality ingredients.


What our customers say


We create a bespoke, comprehensive, customer focused marketing plan that will engage customers, reward loyalty and encourage increased footfall throughout the day.

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  • Amazing People

    Over 1500 inspired people are part of the abm team.

  • Agile & Able

    We create and serve over 35,000 meals a day across the UK.

  • Fanatical about food

    We create exciting menus, illustrating the diversity of today’s food culture.

  • Honest management

    At abm catering we believe in transparent management.

  • Sourcing & Supply

    Our community of responsible local suppliers share the same passion for food as we do.

  • Responsibility

    Selecting only the finest ingredients from ethically responsible suppliers.